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Members of the ETFC will work in partnership to protect and maintain the life, vitality and viability of Europe's town centres for the benefit of the entire community, which lives, works, shops and plays in our centres. To achieve this, the EFTC will address the range of issues which effect town centres, namely:

Commerce, Retail and Services
To create an environment in which all business types can prosper and to provide secure employment and services to communities in partnership.

To ensure that the physical environment is clean, unpolluted, in harmony with its surroundings and an enjoyable place in which to spend time.

All people, whether they travel by car, take public transport, cycle or walk, should enjoy easy access and good facilities such as parking and transport interchanges.

Safety and Security
Town Centres should be free from crime and all the users should be free from the fear of crime.

To ensure that all centres have equal competitive advantage and that none are discriminated against, creating harmonious neighbourhoods.

To encourage facilities for people to enjoy their leisure time in the centre and to promote high quality open spaces.

A variety of housing types should be available to encourage people to live and work within the town, with new uses found for old or existing buildings.

To encourage visitors from outside the local community to enjoy and share in a range of facilities and to enhance the heritage of the area.

The EFTC promotes the creation of true public/private partnerships and the use of Town Centre Management as a mechanism for addressing theses issues while a variety of views and resources are involved.





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